Summer Bash 2013

We held our annual BBQ on Saturday August 3rd and a good time was had by all- or so they tell me.
But holy shit throwing a party is a lot of hard work- shopping, cooking, baking, set up, etc. Every party I go throught the stress that no one will show up or Worse.. only a few show up and we just kind of stand around looking at each other. Every party we ask the same thing: “why do we do this again?” The answer is simply this: Good times with good friends.

True to the yearly BBQ tradition, I forgot to take pics. I am such a shit. I took the time to think ahead and had the camera set to party mode then proceeded to abandoned it on the bar top. Luckily, other guests picked up my picture taking slack and shared their pics with me and here are some of the highlights: (Ok, truth be told: here are the pics that were not blurry):


























July Vacation

I wanted to put a post together for our July vacation but I was just too damned lazy to go through all the pics and break them into seperate days- especially when each day all we did was drink and hang by the pool. I mean what the hell is the point of owning a 33 foor round pool if you don’t use it? This year’s vacation is was more of a stay-cation with Laurie’s brother and his wife, T, and their son- my nephew- Ryan. Good times was had by all- especially the dogs.

Guinness just had to test out his new popison.

Bring me my beverage

Bring me my beverage

Save me!

Save me!

One day we hiked to the hidden waterfalls somewhere near Kerhonkson.  Well, they used to be hidden but it seems like a hell alot of people know about them. But on the way there we stopped at the over look at the end of my block,.First stop- the overlook at the end of my block.

We live over there!

We live over there!


We continued on, parked the car at the gate entrance and hiked to the super secret location that everyone knows about.



Road to the Waterfall

Ryan and Madaghan pose on the trail

Ryan and Madaghan pose on the trail

Secret location

After we went swimming  and hung out under the falls, we had some lunch on one of the many rocks and had some lunch we bought at a  local deli

Hey..where are you guys going?

Hey..where are you guys going?

When we got back from the falls, it was time to throw the dogs in the pool to cool down. Pandora from across the street came over to join in on the fun

Guiness, Baily, and Pandora scope out the pool


3 stooges on the hunt for the tennis ball


And that is pretty much it for our July vacation…we hung around the pool, drank, and tried to exhaust the dogs. Good times..


Building A Slide Slide Slippty Slide

Go on, hit play then continue to scroll on down…the tracks makes excellent background while reading about a slide slide slippty slide. My apologies if you are not a big Coolio fan. But seriously, how could you not be? The man is genius.

Now that we got Coolio crankin’ let’s start off with the pic that Joe sent me on his design idea:

The ladder should hold your weight.

The ladder should hold your weight.

A couple of days later, Joe showed up with his crew and got down to work:

Gotta make it strong enough for fatty.

Keith ponders how to make it strong enough for Fatty McButterpants

Slide Build 002

Caulking the inside

Caulking the inside

All Done!

All Done!

Oh, while Joe and Keith were building the slide on one side of the deck, Laurie was busy painting the deck:

Who is going to pick up that paint can?

Who is going to pick up that paint can?

Deck Paint 002

All Painted and Slide done

Almost all Painted and Slide done

Madaghan Approved!

Madaghan Approved!

After the painting was completed, the slide Madaghan approved, we added a patio heater for night swimming and a deck shelter for shade and wine consuming. Here is our deck today:

Lake O'Shea

Lake O’Shea

Bar Build 57: Tile Hall Floor

The process really started March 2011 when I decided to rip up the old slate tile that I put down during one of my stupid idea literally set in stone phases.
Read all about ripping up the stone and the dust storm created by clicking HERE . Go ahead, I’ll wait.

When I stained the bar floor, I also stained the hallway- but did not seal it. Why? After the staining, I decided that the main entry to the house should be seperate from the bar and a little nicer. The concrete stain made it look as if one was entering from the garage right into a bar. I think you’ll agree I made the right design choice as usual because I am awesome.

I chose porcelain tile because I needed a strong enough tile to handle such a high traffic area that includes dogs, alot of mud from shoes, and snow gear.

Off to Lowes:


Each one of those boxes of tile is approximately 80 pounds, or roughly a million after loading them / unloading them from the truck.

The whole project took about two days. Had to wait for thinset to dry then grouted the next day with non-sanded grout. I used 1/16″ spacers to achieve the real look of a wood floor and got to use my new tile wet saw. Which is not as much fun as I thought it would be as I was soaked from the cutting wheel spitting water back at me. That cutting wheel is an asshole.
I also had to grind a few of the tiles down little by little to get around the stone wall. That was fun. By the way porcelain does not smell very good when burning and don’t grind under your smoke detector. Just yet something else I learned about building a home bar. What else did I learn you ask? Well, since you asked CLICK HERE for some of the shit I learned embarking on this adventure.

Ok enough babble and shameless self promotion.. Onto the pics!





Simple Sunday

Jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath. Genius, I know.



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